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1812Collecting info, could you please help me..

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  • Iggy
    Aug 18, 2007
      Hello everyone,

      I do not post much but I learn so much from everything you all post. I
      created a poll in our little area. I would like you to please indulge
      me in taking some time out to take it. My Family is currently planning
      a project and some think we may have bit off more than we can chew.
      The answers to the poll will help us decide if we are going in the
      right direction with our plans to create a strictly native edible
      plant area in our garden. (We live in Northern California but are
      thinking any plant grown in California before European settlement)((We
      educate at home and this is This years High school- "Senior" Project))

      Our project so far is a notebook (3 ring binder)that has our
      prospective plant life divided into two beds of native plants: Salad
      (can eat raw) plants and stewing plants

      We are trying to limited these beds but my children also want a bed
      for herbs, mints, and teas (Drinkable refreshing plants as my teen
      would say)

      We will also be trying to do the typical veggie garden but we would
      like to do something that can be shared with other home schoolers as
      part of California's History (We live on 2.89 hectares of land that
      was once part of John Sutter's hock farm)

      But the negativity about our idea has discouraged my kids and I think
      this could show them that it is in the rehlm of possibilities, When
      others too our growing native, heritage, or heirloom plants

      Any ideas, comments, or suggestions would be ggreat also.