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1808Re: Reichardia picroides - Common Eyebright

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  • Hilary Robinson
    Sep 1, 2007
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      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "fredericah_uk" <fredericah_uk@...> wrote:
      > Would anyone know where I can obtain seeds of this plant used for
      > winter salads? Reichardia picroides grows in Cornwall and in Italy
      > where it is called Grattalingua PFAF used to distribute the seed,
      > but don't now!
      I remember growing Reichardia years ago when PFAF were giving out the
      seeds to try.
      However, I don't remember it being eyebright, which is a little
      flowering plant of the southern chalk downs in England - the PFAF
      website says Reichardia picroides is in the Compositae faimily (daisies
      and dandelions etc) which eyebright most definitely is not!
      I've just looked up eyebright on the PFAF website, and it's in the
      family Scrophulariaceae, Latin name Euphrasia rostkoviana.
      I'm not sure how this confusion has arisen.
      Regards, Hilary
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