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1745the whole earth catalogue?

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  • Martin Naylor
    May 31, 2007
      Hey Guys

      We've been through this catalogue many times
      can we get this info out again or refer to past sources once and for all
      We are referring to all tools and implements


      Dear Sue,
      This all starts getting very Grass Roots magazine, but I'm sure there
      are ways of adding a Permaculture design twist to the "back on the land"
      interest we share.

      I have a scythe (the Restorer's Barn in Castlemaine Victoria had a
      bunch of them a while back too) and a few blades that I have tried out, but
      my technique, or perhaps my sharpening is not up to scratch. I've had
      the same issue with cut-throat razors, I just can't get them sharp
      enough to do a good job. I'm hoping to learn from an old barber before they
      all die, but it might be hard to find someone alive that ever used a
      scythe for a living.

      I'm on the lookout for a chaff cutter too in the hope that I can use it
      for hand shredding/mulching of light garden prunings. Is this a
      realistic hope, or can they only handle chaff?

      Feel free to reply off list if you feel this is getting to particular
      for the general edification of the other list members.


      Joel Meadows

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