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172Re: [pfaf] Kiwi

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  • Ken Fern
    Jun 6, 2002
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      Dear Paul
      What has almost certainly happened is that the plant has been affected by frost. Whilst Kiwis are quite hardy when they are dormant, the young growth can be damaged by even quite light frosts. I would suggest, if possible, that you relocate the plant during next winter so that it is facing west or south-west instead of east since this will give it shade from the morning sun and therefore help to protect it from frost damage. In addition, if it could be placed in the lightly dappled shade of trees then this will give further protection. If you are unable to do either of these things, then covering the young shoots in the spring with a net curtain if frost threatens can also help.
      Frost damage plants will usually recover quite well, though it does slow down growth and can also prevent flowering and fruiting. I also note that you only have one plant. Most kiwi fruits are either male or female, one male being sufficient to pollinate about 5 females. There are also a few hermaphrodite varieties now available from plant nurseries. If you do not have a hermaphrodite form (such as 'Solo' or 'Jeanine') then you will need to find out the sex of your plant and obtain another plant of the opposite sex if you require the fruit. If your plant is female, then a hermaphrodite form will pollinate it and also fruit itself.
      Hope this is of help.
      Ken Fern
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      From: Paul
      Sent: Saturday, June 01, 2002 3:43 PM
      Subject: [pfaf] Kiwi

      I have a Chinesis variety of Kiwi that I planted 18 months ago. It is situated against an east and south wall in the garden. Last year it grew well to about 7ft in length. Although it may be sitated in a place that collects frost, I mulched it well in the winter and it started off well this spring. However, it now has gone very limp and growth buds are stunted. The plant has plenty of water and the stem is not damaged. I can see no evidence of any significant pest  damage. Has anyone got any idea what might be wrong>

      Thanks in anticipation.

      Paul Charnock

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