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1715Re: Goji berry plants?

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  • wildwillowkins
    Apr 29, 2007

      I am new to the group a few weeks ago and have been following the
      Goji berry thread with interest.

      So I was very pleased to see a packet of dried Goji with no
      additives on sale at my local whole food shop about a week or so
      ago. They are labelled as product of China.

      I got round to soaking them and then cleaned out the seeds, although
      I don't think soaking was absolutely necessary. There were anything
      from 15 to 40 seeds in each berry which is about the size of a
      currant or a sultana.

      I put them in a heated propagator on Thursday and this morning I see
      a few of the seeds which were not covered now sprouting. I must
      have nearly a hundred seeds in the tray.

      There seems to be a pretty good germination rate so far as I can
      tell without disturbing them. I can understand that there might be
      a very high loss rate if kept outdoors in the early stages. I
      recall someone mentioned slug predation. I shall certainly be
      looking after them closely in the early stages.

      If managed properly and there are no distasters with the seedlings I
      could see this being a very successful plant.

      As to the flavour and so forth it certainly has an unusual and I
      would say 'dense' flavour which would correlate with all those amino
      acids and so forth. They are also very chewy. I don't think you
      would need to eat many of these to gain the nutritional benefits.
      In fact they get a bit sickly if too many are eaten, but this can be
      avoided by mixing with other berries such as Bilberry or Cranberry.
      (Going to try germinating some of these next, but the ones I have
      are preserved in sugar so don't know if they will work as well).

      All in all I am very glad to have been introduced to these and I
      shall post further as and when hopefully the seedlings progress.

      All the best,


      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "gsterculius" <gsterculius@...> wrote:
      > The commercial Goji berries I have seen lately are much bigger
      > the traditional Chinese fruit used in herbalism. I suspect it
      > be best to use seed from the fruit rather than getting plants that
      > may be from unselected varieties.

      Ann wrote
      > > I just noticed my health food shop sells this new 'miracle'
      > > called Goji, which apparently is the same as species Lycium
      > barbarum or
      > > L. chinense.
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