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  • Richard Morris
    Jun 4, 2002
      > Whoa, wrong page, that was for a different website.... :-)
      > One tiny difference makes the difference....
      > http://www.saber.net/~lildragon/index.htm (no l).... If your browser is
      > adding the l to htm, tell me and I'll just change the name.... :-)
      > The image loading order is a bit off, I'd like it to load in a better order,
      > which can be done, I just didn't get to it when I made the page....

      Got the right site this time, cool.

      in general I like it.

      Best bits
      1) Overall feel, it nicely breaks up the info.
      2) The heading for the different boxes.
      Esp Gardening and What's New
      3) Title bar, but not quite sure on the images.
      4) Fonts. Title fonts are nice.

      Not so sure on
      Images in title bar. I've been working on a header
      which features the monkey puzzle tree, which is a bit of a
      logo for us.

      "Promoting Woodland Gardening" we feel this does not
      really capture what pfafs about. Still trying to
      come up with a good phrase
      "Edible, Medicinal and Useful Plants for a healthier world"
      is coming top of the list at the moment.

      Not so keen on the conifers in the background, not quite
      what PFAF's about. Possibly could do something with the
      monkey puzzle picture.

      The leaf is OK, but...

      Blue, not my favourite shade. I'd like something lighter
      I've inkieing towards greenish shades.

      Stuff I'd like to see.
      Main boxes:
      About Plants (poss. use the hemero.jpg as background)
      About Gardening
      Plant Database (a big component of site)
      About Us
      (what's New often isn't)

      I'd like to have Friends of PFAF quite prominent

      Maybe two boxes below:

      Get Involved!
      Friends of PFAF
      Email Mailing List
      Donations and Investment

      News, Events and Courses

      Possibly one of those site content boxes on the
      left hand side.

      So how to take things from here? I'd quite to keep design discussion
      open on the pfaf_developers mailing list. How much time do you
      have for getting a finished design? I'm really busy at the moment
      and my email answering can be a bit sporadic (45 emails answered
      today but hardly any for the rest of the week).

      All the best


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