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162Tribulus terrestris

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  • Ken Fern
    Jun 1, 2002
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      Dear Luke

      I'm not sure how hardy Tribulus terrestris is, but it can probably be grown
      in Britain as an annual crop. Here is an extract from the PFAF database.

      We have very little information on this species and are not sure how
      successful it will be in Britain. There are conflicting reports on its
      hardiness - according to one report it is native to N. France which should
      make it hardy in Britain[50] whilst another report says that it is only
      hardy in zone 10 which means that it is not frost tolerant[200]. We would
      suggest treating it as a frost tender annual and then experimenting with its
      hardiness. It is likely to require a well-drained dry to moist soil and is
      also likely to be tolerant of maritime exposure.
      The plant is very fast growing from seed[50].
      A good bee plant[156].

      The only place I know that can supply seeds is B&T World Seeds. Visit their
      web site at www.b-and-t-world-seeds.com for details of availability.

      If you do grow the plant, please could you let us know how it fares with you
      so that we can learn more about its potential for this country.

      Many thanks

      Ken Fern

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      > Hi there, joined not long ago, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm
      > Luke, I live in Glasgow, I'm 22, Taoist, martial artist...
      > Does anyone know how to get or grow Tribulus terrestris
      > (Zygophyllaceae) seeds? As a vegan martial artist I use this herbal
      > supplement and it works wonders. Just wondered if it can be grown in
      > the UK.
      > Sorry if you're on one of the other lists I'm on and get this message
      > a few times!
      > Peace be with you
      > Luke
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