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1593Re: [pfaf] Re: Hoodia seeds

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  • Griselda
    Mar 11, 2007
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      This plant is native to the Kalahari Desert in S Africa. The Kalahari
      Bushmen have used it for 100,000 years to suppress their appetites while on
      hunting trips in that vast and unforgiving countryside.

      You could try specialist botanical collections such as Kew Gardens, London,
      or some of the co-operatives in Namibia and South Africa who are growing
      Hoodia Gordoni commercially for weight-loss.

      After a legal battle the Bushmen finally won the international legal right
      to develop the product of this plant, as it was in fact their ancestral
      knowledge which was the basis for modern commercial interest, so they not
      only identified the plant, but they also knew what part of the plant to use
      and what to do with it.

      This followed about 30 years¹ wait while a big pharmaceutical company tried
      to synthesise the active ingredient but failed to do it, so the licence for
      development was effectively Œreturned¹. The SA government was going to
      just let anyone grow the stuff but a sharp civil rights lawyer fought for
      the rights of the Kalarhari Bushmen to be recognised, which is the present

      The various websites which explain this interesting story also say that
      though other countries (India, China, some in South America) are trying to
      emulate the Bushmen¹s horticultural projects, the product is not the same,
      and they make the comparison with oranges which taste completely different
      when grown in different places. Presumably the efficacy of the plant also
      varies depending on where it is grown.

      With so much obesity in the so-called developed world, this is obviously a
      very valuable plant.


      > Have or know any about who sell Hoodia gordoni seeds. Thanks
      > OCTAVIO TORRES, Colombia

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