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1570Starchy roots

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  • Danny Culbertson
    Mar 3, 2007
      Hi all,

      I am a member of a group in Gainesville FL USA which is dedicated to
      getting folks to grow more edible plants in their yards. Mostly we have
      fruits and herb plants and some well-adapted vegetable seeds but we are
      a bit short on staples. We have a couple of starchy root plants we
      distribute which do well here (Cassava, Jerusalem Artichokes, and the
      arrowroot Maranta) but I'm always looking for more root crops and
      staples. We can't distribute taro since it is on the "invasive" list
      for Florida and malanga is on the "almost invasive" list. I am
      experimenting with Oca and Yacon but neither seems to like the hot
      Florida summers. I am also experimenting with a couple of Dioscorea (D.
      trifida and D. alata), edible canna (C. edulis), and Jicama all of
      which seem to be doing well. I would like to try a couple of other
      starchy staples. In particular, Tropaeolum tuberosum the day-neutral
      "Ken Aslet" variety, and the African Plectranthus esculentus (Livingston
      potato) sound interesting. But I haven't found a U.S.A distributer for
      either of those.

      Anyhow, if anyone can suggest other easy-to-grow starchy staples for the
      humid subtropics (it frosts here in the winter but is hot and wet in
      the summer) or knows where I might get Tropaeolum tuberosum or
      Plectranthus esculentus I would appreciate hearing from you.

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