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  • Paul S. Hetrick
    Feb 22, 2007
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      Most whole grains can be cooked like fried rice: fry in a hot, dry pan
      until it starts to toast a bit, then add water. Wheat doesn't turn out
      too well this way: too chewy for my tasts, but it is edible.

      Every recipe I've ever seen for barely soup begins with "soak the
      barely for ... hours" and ends with "and simmer for hours." I make
      an "Instant barely soup" that is very good. Actually I haven't made it
      in a few years, but here's the basic idea.

      Put a heavy skilet on a hot stove. Add half a dozen barely corns.
      When they start to toast, the pan is hot enough. For each serving, add
      1/4 to 1/2 cup of barely. Toast, stiring constantly, until most ether
      pops or starts to brown. While that's going on, add a bit of good oil
      to the bottom of a pot. I use olive oil. How much? I don't know, a
      teaspoon per serving should work. Add as much chopped up onion to the
      oil and cook it until it browns. Then add about twice as much water as
      barely to the onions and heat until it boils.

      When the barely is toasted/popped add it to the water. Let it simmer
      for a few minutes. Add an apropriate amount of salt/pepper/leftover
      meat (ham works good) or whatever trips your trigger. I usuall add at
      least some buckwheat to the barley while it's being toasted.


      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "Peggy" <peg6012@...> wrote:
      > I have been watching a special on LINK TV "you are what you eat" It
      > went into GE seeds and crops. John Robbins was on it talking about a
      > healthy diet etc. Anyway, they say you should eat more whole grains.
      > OK. What can I do with them? How do I fix them? I sure would like
      > some ideas. Thanks, Peg
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