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1550Re: [pfaf] Whole Grains

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  • Geir Flatabø
    Feb 17, 2007
      If it is whole wheat, it can be sprouted,
      that process is partly a predigestion process,
      afterwards you might ferment with lactic acid bacteria..

      It does not save time,
      but it makes the product easyli digested, ad you get a new food with new

      Geir Flatabø

      2007/2/16, Cindy <intjring@...>:
      > Great topic - I can't wait to read the posts.
      > Bulgur wheat is very easy to deal with and very good.
      > If you mix equal parts bulgur and boiling water, you
      > have a breakfast cereal in just about a minute's time
      > and in a few more minutes you can mix up a salad. I
      > give my dad bulgur with milk and cinnamon for
      > breakfast and then I make a tabouleh salad with the
      > leftover bulgur to put in the refrigerator at the same
      > time.
      > Oatmeal makes a good breakfast cereal too, and it is a
      > whole grain. I don't know whether or not oat bran is a
      > whole grain, but it's also very quick to cook and
      > healthy too.
      > I love wheat berries, but they take 45 minutes to
      > cook! Does anyone know of a way to cook them without
      > talking so long and using up so much energy? I have a
      > sun oven - I wonder how long they would take in that.
      > Cindy
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