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154Celebration of Cornish Gardens report

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  • Richard Morris
    May 5, 2002
      Just a quick note about the stall we had at
      the Celebration of Cornish Gardens.

      This was held at the National Trust's Trelissick Gardens
      near Truro on the 1st-4th May and organized by the Cornish Garden
      Society. There were displays from many of the big gardens in Cornwall
      are a few more interesting groups of which more below.

      Plants for a Future has now gained an air of respectability!
      The Queen visited on the first day and stood five feet away
      from our stall and we have been graced by her presence.
      She did not actually get to see the stall as the organizers
      were very keen to keep her away from the rabble.
      But, we were all very good and managed to restrain ourselves
      from showering here with edible flowers.
      (BTW Julia one of our trustees actually met and talked to
      Charles about community gardening in Hackney a couple of weeks back.)

      We had quite a simple stall, featuring our display boards
      with information on about 30 PFAF plants, our leaflet dispenser
      with the full set of PFAF plant leaflets and our portable
      container garden: seven pots with a variety of PFAF plants including

      Hemerocallis fulva - Common day lily - edible flowers
      Allium triquetrum - Three-cornered leek
      - perennial, edible flowers leaves and bulbs
      Ceanothus sp. (a very pretty bush with blue flower which attracted
      mush attention.
      - an effective and gentle soap
      Malva sp. - Mallow
      - edible leaves
      Mahonia sp.
      - edible fruit - medicinal uses - dye
      Hosta sp.
      - edible young leaves and leaf stems
      Lepidium latifolium - Dittander
      - edible leaves (hot) and root
      Claytonia sibirica - Pink purslane
      - edible leaves
      Rumex scutatus - Buckler-leaved sorrel
      - edible leaves
      Allium fistulosum - Welsh onion
      - perennial, edible flowers leaves and bulbs
      Fragaria vesca 'Semperflorens' - Alpine strawberry
      - hardy, edible fruit and leaves
      Elaeagnus x ebbingei
      - edible fruits in April
      Viola odorata - Sweet violet
      - edible leaves and flowers
      Berberis georgii - Barberry
      - edible fruit
      Melissa officinalis - Lemon balm
      - herbal tea, edible leaves

      Halfway through the stall. I dreamt up a new slogan for
      pfaf; "Eat your ornamentals!". Which was particularly
      appropriate for a flower show.

      Among some of the other interesting stalls were:

      Potager Gardens, www.potagergardennursery.co.uk near Falmouth who have
      taken over an abandoned nursery and are trying to convert it
      to a sustainable creative space.

      West Country Woodsmen. A group of yurt makers, chair bodgers,
      living willow workers and craftsmen based in the South west.
      They are trying to create a network of like-minded folk for details
      email timmachen@...

      Kerrier Conservation Crew
      an offshoot of the Kerrier LA21 group in south west Cornwall.

      Cornwall wildlife trust http://www.wildlifetrust.org.uk/cornwall
      who had a lovely display of 10 different wildlife habitats.

      The Eden project were also there, right next to our stall.
      I had a few interesting chats with them and they are keen
      to do a joint talk with us. Interesting undercurrents there, and
      some of them don't seem to be completely happy with the way the
      projects going, its becoming more a tourist attraction
      than the environmental project some of them would like it to be.
      One very interesting comment was "Don't be envious of our numbers".
      They will be an in-depth comparison between us and the Eden
      project in the next Plants For A Future newsletter

      There were quite a few other interesting organic nurseries there as

      Finally a big thanks to all the people who helped get the
      stall together at very short notice: Tim, Mat, Phil, Lesley,
      Frank, Simon, Elaine and Jim. It was definitely a last minute
      thing but we did seem to go down well and have introduced a few
      gardeners to some more interesting plants.


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