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1496Re: [pfaf] Re: Poisoning from wrong herbs

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  • Frank
    Jan 11, 2007
      --- Dee Harris <corbywolf13@...> wrote:

      > Sir, the plants I spoke of are ones that are
      > normally plants used in healing. NOTHING I ever use
      > is poisious. I deal with healing herbs. These do not
      > include herbs such as monkshood or anything like
      > that. When I spoke of testing on the inner part of
      > the elbow, I was refering to the possibility of an
      > allergic reaction to these same herbs such as rose
      > hips, hibiscus and such.

      This is quite different from what you wrote before,
      And it is indeed very sensible to test even plants
      that are considered save (also when trying food
      plants that you haven't eaten before).

      > Maybe next time before you open your mouth you
      > will ask for clarification first.

      Because your post didn't have the above context,
      I felt a obligation to warn people that this
      test doen't prevent accidental poisoning with all
      plants. Outside the above context your post was
      dangerous. Your last post was clear and had good
      advice. Thank you.


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