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1495Re: [pfaf] Re: Poisoning from wrong herbs

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  • Dee Harris
    Jan 9, 2007
      Sir, the plants I spoke of are ones that are normally plants used in healing. NOTHING I ever use is poisious. I deal with healing herbs. These do not include herbs such as monkshood or anything like that. When I spoke of testing on the inner part of the elbow, I was refering to the possibility of an allergic reaction to these same herbs such as rose hips, hibiscus and such.
      However, you shot me down like I was a rank amateur and I am far from that. Not everyone can use sage tea for example, or rosemary tea and that's why I posted the warning.
      Maybe next time before you open your mouth you will ask for clarification first.

      Frank <chaewen@...> wrote:
      --- Dee Harris <corbywolf13@...> wrote:
      > And you, Sir, have no idea of what you're talking
      > about.

      Can you be more specific in about the incorrect
      information in my reply, I like to learn.

      > I"ve studies herbs all of my life. Grew up
      > with them in fact.

      My comment was not about your knowledge of herbs,
      it is about your poisonous plants test.

      > Just because you prefer to use
      > chemicals to natural forms of healing

      > > Frank <chaewen@...> wrote:
      > > I am very much for
      > > using plants, a lot of chemical medicines are
      > > bad (= poisonous).

      > doesn't give
      > you the right to tell someone that they don't know
      > what they're talking about.

      Anybody is allowed to point out wrong information.

      But what gives you the right to put words into my

      > As for identification of plants, again, I've been
      > doing this for more than half a century.

      You might familiar with plants and their uses, a lot
      of people regrettably aren't. It does the advocacy
      of using plants no good if somebody without affinity
      for & knowledge of plants takes your test and gets


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