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1494Re: [pfaf] becoming friends with plants.

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  • Frank
    Jan 9, 2007
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      > Based on my own
      > lifetime experience I believe that being friends
      > with the plants enhances their potency, very much
      > like any loving relationship enhances healing.

      I believe this too. On the PFAF website a lot
      of good reasons are given for growing perennial
      plants. One thing I found that isn't
      mentioned is the different relationship with
      perennial plants. (I am not talking about medicinal
      plants here but edible ones). When I pick a salad I
      visit a lot of plants, whilst taking leaves I often
      talk with them, now they are the best friends I
      have at The Field and an important reason for me
      to go back there regularly. It's definitely different
      from growing lettuce.

      > It is
      > not uncommon that the plants give us the knowledge
      > how we can work with them for healing, but this is
      > only possible if there is deep communication,
      > familiarity and respect with our plant-relatives.

      My communication with plants hasn't regrettably
      reached this level, but maybe I am just more
      if they are edible (and nice tasting) or not.
      I seem to developing a sense of poisonous plants,
      but I would not trust my self, and always check on
      other peoples experiences.

      > In survival conditions, when you have to use unknown
      > plants as food, it is recommended practice to hold a
      > small piece of plant material under the tongue,
      > where substances are relatively easily transferred
      > to the bloodstream. You then have to pay attention
      > to what sensations this causes, locally and in the
      > rest of your body.

      Under survival conditions I would first
      do a skin test (what Wolf described), then a your
      then to chew a bit without swallowing, then to eat
      a little bit. Between each test there should be
      enough time (a day), and as you say you have to pay
      attention. Only test one plant at a time. Still some
      poisonous plants might slip through, don't continue
      eating the plant after survival without looking
      up other peoples experiences.

      I found the remaining bit of a your mail very
      interesting. I will take a look at the books
      Stephen Harrod Buhner books. As I'm very interested
      in deepening my relation with plants. If anybody
      on the list has experience or advice, I'd like to


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