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1481Re: [pfaf] Re: Poisoning from wrong herbs

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  • Dee Harris
    Jan 6, 2007
      And you, Sir, have no idea of what you're talking about. I"ve studies herbs all of my life. Grew up with them in fact. Just because you prefer to use chemicals to natural forms of healing doesn't give you the right to tell someone that they don't know what they're talking about.
      As for identification of plants, again, I've been doing this for more than half a century. Maybe you think that your way is the only one, but it isn't.
      Wolf the herbalist

      Frank <chaewen@...> wrote:
      --- Dee Harris <corbywolf13@...> wrote:

      > Then what would you suggest, Frank? Not using herbs
      > at all? I'll have you know that I"ve been using
      > herbs most of my life and that's 51 years worth. I
      > do think that I have some knowledge of what I'm
      > doing.

      You have been lucky for 51 years then. A plant giving
      a reaction on the skin certainly is suspect, some are
      actually very nice to eat (like Urtica spp.). But
      there are enough plant poisons that don't give a
      reaction on the skin (for example saponins). Some
      poisons work slowly over a long period of time. As I
      said there are no simple test. I am very much for
      using plants, a lot of chemical medicines are very
      bad (= poisonous).

      But before starting using plants (especially for
      food or medicine) you have to be sure that
      you have identified it correctly (use several books or
      somebody that knows about plants). Also learn about
      the plant (books, the PFAF database, use google).
      Some medicinal plants are not suitable for self
      medication, some plants might interact with
      conventional medicines... Some plants are just
      wonderfully effective and totally safe...

      Plant toxicity is a difficult subject and
      there seems to be quit a bit of wrong information
      around. I wouldn't be surprised if the ethanol
      in Absinthe would be more poisonous than the
      thujone it contains.

      I don't want to scare anyone out of using plants,
      just to point out some wrong info. Especially people
      who are just starting to learn about plants. I
      when I first came to The Field I got a bit carried
      away with tasting all those nice plants and started
      eating stuff that is not meant to be eaten (Senecio
      jacobaea), it was a young one and I only took a little
      bit, *without any ill effects*. If I hadn't learned
      more about this plant and mixed in my daily salads, my
      liver - and I - would be gone.


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