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1478Re: Accidental Poisoning from wrong herbs

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  • Traveler in Thyme
    Jan 6, 2007
      Uh....how do you think our ancestors learned which plants were poisonous? They watched who died, that's how. Deadly nightshade is a tomato, and hemlock looks just like parsley with purple spots.

      We have had abundant crops of datura these last few years, the kind with the big white blossoms that smell so sweet in the moonlight. Don Juan's favourite. One evening I watched this funny looking bug doing a boogie dance in the white powder that coated the inside of the jimson weed flower, he looked like he was having a real good thyme! The deer will eat them, occasionally, I wonder what kinda trip they go on that night? In the morning, when the blossoms start to fade, the scent turns quite nasty, a sickly sweet whiff of death, just like the promise of the high you get when smoking it, which I have never been foolish enough to try.

      I am a peppermint junkie, myself, live and breathe on the stuff or else die of snot. 'snot no fun without your meds, man!

      I am excited about Stella joining in.

      ---Marcia Cash
      Traveler in Thyme

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