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147Re: [pfaf] Re: Shaping The Future report and new Events at PFAF

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  • Richard Morris
    Apr 24, 2002
      Rob et al,
      > Thanks for the report of the planning event.
      > When you say "we need to train 500 people by October", is this to
      > raise funds? What sort of training is on offer - I couldn't find any
      > training info on the website (I'd like to come to the Woodland
      > Gardening and Nutrition courses mentioned in your mail though).

      The 500 people is connected with a grant application. Last year
      we got a £25,000 grant from the Devon and West Somerset Key Fund.
      This allowed us to buy a lot of tools, equipment and materials to
      allow us to start training people. The grant also went a long way
      towards paying for the construction of a new entrance to the site
      which has to be meet highways agency standards and has to be done
      by an official contractor, a snip at five grand!

      As with all grants there are conditions to be met, the big one
      being that we have to "train" 500 people and have 200 volunteers
      by November. Training is interpreted quite loosely, if we show
      someone how to plant a tree that is considered to be training.
      Quite a bit of "training" happened at the Shaping the Future
      event: including polyhedral dome construction, tool maintenance,
      shower construction, gardening, wildlife identification, tree
      planting, water self-sufficiency, tree planting etc. etc.
      If we get you through the door we'll get you trained!


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