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  • icculus2000@yahoo.com
    Oct 30, 2006
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      Hi all,
      Rich, I thank you for posting these messages; I feel they do address our relationship to plants. I am in no way connected to the success or popularity of Sandor's writing.

      Someone on the PFAF mailer told me the attachment didn't go through, and I'm thinking it was because they were on the digest, but if it didn't go through at all, then I apologise, and you can see Sandy's book here http://www.wildfermentation.com/books_notmicrowaved.php

      This book (The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved) covers a wide range of issues which concern us all today, including:

      -Local and Seasonal Food versus Constant Convenience Consumerism
      -Seed Saving as a Political Act
      -Holding Our Ground: Land and Labor Struggles
      -Slow Food for Cultural Survival
      -The Raw Underground
      -Food and Healing (or, Beware the Neutraceutical)
      -Plant Prohibitions: Laws against Nature
      -Vegetarian Ethics and Humane Meat
      -Feral Foragers: Scavenging and Recycling Food Resources
      -Water: Source of All Life
      -Bringing Food Back to Earth

      I hope you give Sandor a chance - at least investigate his site. He is dedicated to spreading information about healthy living; indeed he is probably only alive today because of what he has found out.



      "For about thirty years I wandered,
      Searching for the real Tao everywhere.
      How many times did I see the trees
      Grow new branches and watch the old leaves fall.
      But at this moment, seeing the peach blossoms,
      Suddenly there are no more doubts."

      - Huang Shan-ku (1045 – 1105)

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