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1395Re: [pfaf] butterfly orchid

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  • kengirar@telus.net
    Sep 2, 2006
      Hi from the other side of the world, Calgary Canada. I grow many types of orchids
      but without the botanical name of your plant it is difficult to give any cultural

      Common names in the orchid family are many, and they differ from country to country.
      Generally the common name 'Butterfly' orchid refers to the genus Oncidium which is a
      new world genus ranging from Mexico to Brazil. Due to the extremely diverse
      climatic regions these plants arise from the need for the botanical name is
      important as members of this genus range from the hottest most humid of jungles to
      sun scorched deserts and up to the cloud forests.

      Glad you are trying to grow one of the most fascinating group of plants, but then I
      love them all.

      Get back with the botanical name and I will be able to help you further. In case
      your plant is a hybrid send that name.


      Ken Girard

      Quoting colarstar77 <colarstar77@...>:

      > Hi, i'm a new member i live in South Africa, i need advice on a
      > butterfly orchid, that i bought last year. Can someone please email me
      > regarding this subject, colarstar77@...
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