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135[Fwd: Arbutus unedo, The Strawberry Tree]

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  • Richard Morris
    Apr 2, 2002
      An interesting comment added to the database.

      > JĂșlio Reis (julio_reis@...) added the comment:
      > In Portugal, they make an alcoholic beverage called "medronheira"
      from the fruit of this tree, which would translate as "strawberry tree
      firewater". It's very alcoholic but very aromatic, can be used in cakes,
      or it can be sipped in (preferably) small quantities, like port.

      > The fruit itself is delicious, at least to my palate. There are
      <a href="http://www.dipbot.unict.it/orto/0026-1.html">flower, leaf and
      fruit pictures here</a>.
      > Widespread in Portugal, very hardy, not grown ornamentally
      that I know of. Occurs naturally in "maquis" habitat
      (mediterranean thick shrub forest), associated with oak, misletoe and
      other trees/shrubs 3-4 metres tall, or isolated.

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