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  • Egghead
    Jul 27, 2006
      Ms Turner,
      Thanks for your mail. I've actually focused on TB in Humans. However, nothing limits me to Humans and I could discuss with my research supervisor to extend to TB for animals. If and when I get the nod, I shall reach you to get the contact of the authorities which you think might be interested in my work.
      Thanks once again as I continue to search for my herba remedies.
      2006/7/27, Liz Turner <liz7@...>:
      Dear O'Seun
      Is your research looking at treatment of TB for humans or animals? I don't know if you're aware but TB in cattle is a big problem in this country & the strategy for the last 30 years has mainly been to cull badgers - alleged to carry TB. This is a highly contentiuos issue & there are worries that the government may soon approve a new badger cull rather than focus on the movement of cattle, spread from cattle to cattle and treatment. It is taking researchers here rather a long time to develop a vaccine. So I wonder if your research might help this situation?
      If so perhaps you would be willing to communicate this to the relevant bodies & scientific groups?
      I'm sorry I don't have any information on herbs that might be helpful.
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      From: Egghead
      To: PFAF
      Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2006 11:37 AM
      Subject: [pfaf] Re: Welcome to pfaf


      Dear PFAF Members,


      Top of the day to you all and hoping that the various works is pushing on smoothly?


      I am O'Seun Egghead Odewale a final year (500 Level) student of Industrial Chemistry at the Federal University of Technology, Minna – Nigeria, WA. I am presently writing my final year thesis on the subject, " Screening of local Herbs Used in Treatment of Tuberculosis." I already commenced my research work and have been able to identify four chemical compounds / groups that have been effective in treatment of TB viz: isoniazid (INH), Pyrazinamide (PZA), Rifampin ( RIF), and Steptomycin / Ethambutol.


      Following this identification, I am now expected to do a research on the chemistry of these substances. I am requesting your assistance to help provide a lead or at best help with relevant information to help me do a detailed chemistry of these compounds.


      I reckon that some of you are vast in organic chemistry and might have done research (or carry out a study) on some of these substances. Obviously, your experience as a Chemists, Biochemists and/or Microbiologists would be invaluable to my current work. Some others who have been identify herbs used in treatment of TB would also be helpful.


      Please note that any other information relevant to the project work will be duly acknowledged and heartily appreciated. I am still open to accept suggestions on names of more herbs/plants used in treatment of TB.


      Thanks in anticipation to your prompt and auspicious response.


      O'Seun Odewale

      O'Seun Egghead ODEWALE
      Abuja (910001) - Nigeria
      m-NGR +234.803.288.7664, +234.805.394.8758;
      m-GH +233.277.791.796,
      fax +234.9.314.3005; +234.9.314.7646; +234.9.523.5120
      Alt Email: ddevilrex@...
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