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1315Re: [pfaf] Re: Japanese Knotweed

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  • Griselda
    Jun 13, 2006
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      Re: [pfaf] Re: Japanese Knotweed Edible, schmedible..... They are certainly edible but to my taste not very palatable.  Asparagus is much much nicer!

      Has anyone mentioned that the young shoots of Japanese
      Knotweed are edible?  

      I haven't eaten them myself, have just read about it.

      It seems - here in the Appalachian Mountains in Northern
      Pennsylvania - not to be much of a problem.  I see it along
      stream beds, but nowhere else.  It's mostly on steep stream
      banks where probably not much else would grow.

      When we lived somewhat south of here (near Baltimore), I saw
      huge stands of it, though.


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