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1280Re: [pfaf] Why pesticides?

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  • Pat Meadows
    May 30, 2006
      On Mon, 29 May 2006 11:13:28 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:

      >But there is suffering that must be overcome for some reason. Why should there have to be

      Buddhism doesn't teach that there 'should be' suffering. It
      merely recognizes that it exists, and teaches the way to
      overcome it.

      If you don't recognize that suffering exists even among
      non-agricultural peoples, we will have to agree to differ on
      this point.

      Non-agricultural peoples are not exempt from the laws of
      physics or of biology: when one of them falls off a cliff
      he breaks his legs, just as you and I would. He suffers
      just as you and I would. Non-agricultural people die and
      their children sometimes die too, and they experience grief
      for their loved ones, just as you and I do.

      Not all suffering is agriculture-related. I don't
      personally accept agriculture as the cause of most human
      suffering, but you may do so of course, if you wish.

      It's a useless discussion, really, because the sad fact is
      that there are billions of humans on the earth and there is
      no other way to feed this many humans.

      If you advocate a return to a hunter-gatherer way of life,
      you must also advocate the die-off of billions of humans. I,
      for one, am not willing to encourage that in any way.

      Not only is this off-topic, it's silly and useless (in my
      opinion) so you may have the last word; I have nothing else
      to say on the subject.

      Gardening in northern Pennsylvania.

      Eat local food, change the world for the better!
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