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1276Re: [pfaf] Why pesticides?

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  • Sean Maley
    May 29 11:13 AM
      --- Pat Meadows <pat@...> wrote:
      > On Fri, 26 May 2006 11:26:40 -0700 (PDT), you wrote:
      > >Agriculture leads to land ownership. Land ownership creates poverty. Poverty drives
      > surpluses.
      > >Surpluses drive population. Over time, it becomes clear that the military/aristocracy would
      > >become corrupted and power would shift to whomever created the best logic, or story, that kept
      > >people working like the Judeo-Christian and Buddhist religions (you suffer today for salvation
      > >tomorrow and take pity on your soul for not working hard).
      > I don't know all that much about Christianity or Judaism,
      > but that is a *total, complete misconception* of Buddhism.
      > To the exact contrary, the Buddha taught that suffering can
      > be overcome in this life, in this world, and he taught his
      > students the way to overcome suffering.

      But there is suffering that must be overcome for some reason. Why should there have to be
      suffering? To an Australian Aboriginal, why should they care to distinguish further? They don't
      see suffering as a part of everyday life, to be overcome for any reason. It is this conception of
      necessary toil that distinguishes agriculture from hunter-gatherer/cultivator culture. It is an
      important distinction, because agri-culture takes so much effort and must justify such effort,
      while insisting the hunter-gatherer/cultivator culture is worst (which it isn't).

      Nobody needs to be saved. We are fine the way we are.

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