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1270Re: Why pesticides?

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  • pattyfastforward
    May 26, 2006
      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "chosen1446" <chosen1446@...> wrote:
      > Stevia, Fluoride, MSG
      > Could anyone give me a believable & sensible reason WHY our food
      > supply (across the whole spectrum) is being poisoned?
      > For example, our grandmothers matured at much latter ages (before the
      > use of growth hormones in our meat supply).
      > Special interest groups don't explain it because they'd ALL have to
      > be involved (i.e., not just the sugar lobby, in regards to Stevia,
      > but also, everything else (i.e., water, pesticides, etc.)
      > Thanks, Tony
      > My 2 cents - I think Deer Park water is the best bottled water.
      > PS Could anyone tell me what other foods that I should be wary of?
      > PS 2 I need prayer. Thanks.

      Decades ago insects were known to wipe out entire crops. The amount of
      plants per acerage was much less back then compared to today. By using
      pesticides and fertilizers, the farmer could raise a lot more crops on
      that one acre. And when was the last time you heard of locusts eating
      entire fields?

      As for hormones - again, way back when there were no refrigerators. To
      eat beef, you had to cook it for hours or age it. Aging requires
      somewhere around 36 degrees for 2 weeks. The alternative is feeding
      the beef corn and marbling the fat. It's cheaper to give the cow corn.
      And the hormones will take a calf to market in quit a lot less time
      then just feeding it for years. Also, they get paid by the pound, and
      the hormones make the cattle fatter faster. Faster return on their

      As for food: chickens have a lot of germs on them because of
      processing. Some don't. Hard to know when you're in the grocery store.
      Veggies that have been fertilized with cow manure may have ecoli on
      them. Face it - unless you grow it yourself or know the farmer that
      grows all this - you have no idea what you're eating.
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