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1236Re: [pfaf] Boycott Yahoo! over Chinese Co-operation?

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  • Dee Harris
    May 7, 2006
      Since when does Yahoo have the authority to imprision
      anyone other than through normal legal channels?
      Sorry, but unless I have a stong reason for something
      of this nature, I don't see why I should. Yahoo does
      have it's faults, but this seems to be beyond their
      P.S.Just got the word from the hubby in regards to
      this subject and I still ahve to stand by my views.
      Yahoo is under the strictures of international law
      come what may. Whereas I might not agree with what was
      done to the journalist, I still have to say that we do
      have to obey the law whether it be national or
      international. Letters of portest would be a far wiser
      course in regards to this. After all, governments are
      a far more powerful tool to help in a situation like

      --- treaclemine@... wrote:

      > Good morning,
      > This is message relevent to _any_ YahooGroup!
      > unfortunately:
      > As you may be aware, human rights group Privacy
      > International have
      > been calling for some months for boycott of Yahoo!
      > over their role in
      > the imprisonment of a Chinese journalist.
      > I'm doing some research at the moment about
      > alternative - and
      > perhaps, more ethical - Internet sites which can
      > host discussions
      > lists for non-commercial groups. Please get in
      > touch with me by private
      > (off-list) email if you can help, or want help, in
      > migrating away from
      > Yahoo.
      > More information about the boycott is available:
      > 07/09/2005
      > Human rights watchdog Privacy International has
      > called for a worldwide
      > consumer boycott of Yahoo, which has today been
      > implicated in the
      > imprisonment of a Chinese journalist.
      > According to documents released by Reporters Without
      > Borders, Shi Tao
      > was jailed for ten years after Yahoo had provided
      > the Chinese
      > government with details of an email he had sent to
      > Western media. See
      > http://www.rsf.org/article.php3?id_article=14884
      > Privacy International's director, Simon Davies, said
      > the actions of
      > Yahoo were reprehensible. "This is a disreputable
      > episode. Western
      > companies are increasingly cutting deals with the
      > Chinese government
      > to serve their shareholders' interests at the
      > expense of ethical
      > governance".
      > "A boycott would send a clear message to Yahoo
      > shareholders and to
      > other companies who cheerfully sacrifice human
      > rights in return for a
      > cut of the Chinese market".
      > "Until China recognises the basis of due legal
      > process and fundamental
      > rights Western companies have no moral foundation to
      > reap profits from
      > its population."
      > "Yahoo and other technology companies employ a
      > flimsy moral argument
      > of pragmatism to justify such actions. The public
      > should see these
      > arguments for the sham that they are."
      > Many thanks,
      > Amanda
      > END

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