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1235Boycott Yahoo! over Chinese Co-operation?

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  • treaclemine@intranet.org
    May 7 12:29 AM
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      Good morning,

      This is message relevent to _any_ YahooGroup! unfortunately:
      As you may be aware, human rights group Privacy International have
      been calling for some months for boycott of Yahoo! over their role in
      the imprisonment of a Chinese journalist.

      I'm doing some research at the moment about alternative - and
      perhaps, more ethical - Internet sites which can host discussions
      lists for non-commercial groups. Please get in touch with me by private
      (off-list) email if you can help, or want help, in migrating away from

      More information about the boycott is available:



      Human rights watchdog Privacy International has called for a worldwide
      consumer boycott of Yahoo, which has today been implicated in the
      imprisonment of a Chinese journalist.

      According to documents released by Reporters Without Borders, Shi Tao
      was jailed for ten years after Yahoo had provided the Chinese
      government with details of an email he had sent to Western media. See

      Privacy International's director, Simon Davies, said the actions of
      Yahoo were reprehensible. "This is a disreputable episode. Western
      companies are increasingly cutting deals with the Chinese government
      to serve their shareholders' interests at the expense of ethical

      "A boycott would send a clear message to Yahoo shareholders and to
      other companies who cheerfully sacrifice human rights in return for a
      cut of the Chinese market".

      "Until China recognises the basis of due legal process and fundamental
      rights Western companies have no moral foundation to reap profits from
      its population."

      "Yahoo and other technology companies employ a flimsy moral argument
      of pragmatism to justify such actions. The public should see these
      arguments for the sham that they are."

      Many thanks,


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