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1230Re: [pfaf] looking for wild food experts

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  • Susi Maxwell-Stewart
    Apr 19, 2006
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      i thought this might be useful for like minded people if it is not what  
      you are interested and you know any famous person in brighton who is
      not a politician please contact the man
      i am also aware that it during the Brighton festival so if you know
      of anyone who is approachable and will attract attention to this
      important debate please get in contact

      Hi Suzy

      Thanks very much for taking the time to chat on the phone this
      evening, your local knowledge was impressive, and very helpful!

      If you think up any more contacts or could forward me any
      names/numbers/emails etc that would be really good too. Any info is useful.
      I'll send you a bunch of flyers and some posters once they're printed.
      I've also attached a copy of our campaign broadsheet (4 sides) for you
      to peruse at your leisure.

      (details in case you want to forward around:)
      A public meeting is to be held in Brighton to discuss
      unsustainable communities and Ghost Town Britain and a proposed solution - the
      Sustainable Communities Bill. In the last decade Britain has lost a
      fifth of its Post Office network, a quarter of its independent grocery
      stores and a quarter of its bank branches. More traffic, more food
      miles and more climate change emissions as well as less time for
      community activity and engagement - community decline. This proposed Bill
      will give more powers to local communities to make their own decisions
      on local issues, rather than be subject to top down policy from
      distant civil servants in London. Come along and hear about the campaign
      behind the Bill and hear how you can help!

      Date: Thu 18th May
      Time: 7:30-9:30pm
      Venue: East Wing, Brighton Centre, Brighton
      Speakers: Celia Barlow (MP for Hove), David Lepper (MP for Brighton
      Pavilion), Des Turner (MP for Brighton Kemptown), Ron Bailey (Local
      Works Campaign Organiser)
      Chair: TBC

      Best wishes


      Stephen Shaw
      Campaign Co-ordinator
      Local Works
      the campaign for the Sustainable Communities Bill
      office: 020 7833 9898
      mobile: 07788 646933

      Local Works needs you! - only through our supporters will
      the Sustainable Communities Bill become law
      sign up at: www.localworks.org

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