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1215Re: [pfaf] REF OSAGE ORANGE

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  • debi novice
    Mar 29, 2006
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      You say "blessings" twice, and I understand that's
      supposed to be some sort of blanket soothing, but who
      are you? I have had too many backdoor solicitors on
      too many of my groups, not to wonder at one who uses
      fuzzies without substance.

      I'm giving for the fun of it. I love Hedge
      (osageorange). Perhaps I should have specified for
      your edification, but I am not planning on even
      requesting postage charges.

      IOW, he gets hedge(osage orange), from me, for
      nothing. Not even for the postage he offered- and he
      gets feral, strong, adaptive kids from me; not
      greenhouse propagates. I don't charge a thing for my
      sharing. I only give the strongest, most adaptive and
      solid propagates possible.

      I don't do hothouse wimpys. I use years of
      dirty-hands, firsthand practice, wild,
      forage/wildcraft experience, to share Mom Earth's

      Share, is the operative word. there will be no charge
      or recompense involved in my share. that would be

      As smart as thee PFAF files are, the propagate
      instructions are rather across- the- board, and at
      times useless, in a practical sense.


      --- Now <cromlech108@...> wrote:

      > R! I was just thinking of next winter because now
      > I've collected quitre a few varieties of cool
      > temperate unusual bush sized perennials, climbers
      > and the like...aiming particularly for unusual
      > varieties.that propagate easily by cuttings/root
      > cuttings. I culled these from Plants for a Future
      > and the Agroforestry Research Trust mostly.
      > Currently in the greenhouse (they seem to take best
      > in a humid atmos), I have quite a few groups of
      > cuttings of different things for planting out here
      > and giving away locally. Lots taken this winetr just
      > gone...they're just putting out buds now. Grapevines
      > by the way seem to be the best success rate so
      > far..If you have enough patience you can make as
      > many new plants as you want. I was planning to draw
      > up a list of what I have and offer cuttings free by
      > mail next season. A lot of the stuff is just freshly
      > bought, and I've taken as much cuttings as is
      > possible this year. Actually thinking about it some
      > stuff takes best from cuttings in summer...so now
      > I'm
      > going to have to get right on the case of this and
      > do a full stocktake of what I have. I've done the
      > planting maps...so I have a record of what and where
      > everything is. Stuff like Chocolate Vines, for
      > example. These sort of plants can be quite expensive
      > if you buy them commericially....especially if you
      > are buying a lot...and as they take so very easily
      > from cuttings it seems foolish not to offer this
      > service. So hopefully next winter I'll put a list up
      > here and you can tell me what you want.
      > Thank you.
      > Blessings.
      > Blessings.
      > debi novice <debhlv@...> wrote:
      > I have no seeds right now, but live in Osage
      > Orange
      > Central- can perhaps get some rooted cuttings to you
      > in a few weeks, but you may have to wait until
      > september for viable seed- unless I get another
      > source
      > before harvest of the balls. deb
      > --- lyle_culpjr wrote:
      > > ORANGE (hedge apple)? PLEASE LET
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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