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118Advice, anyone?

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  • cguggenh
    Mar 9, 2002
      Hi All,

      I live in Atlanta, USA. I have a number of things planted in
      my "woods." These include many eleagnus (only one of which produces),
      3 very young pawpaws, several blackberries, several blueberries, 2
      young Regent Juneberry, 1 black currant, a tiny mulberry, apples,
      peaches, a strawberry bush, mespilus germanica and a cornus kousa
      chinensis, all of them 3-7 yrs. Only the blackberries and peaches
      produce. The apples get eaten by the squirrels, the peaches often get
      brown rot, and the others just don't get enuf water to grow up. This
      leaves me with only the eleagnus and blackberries to depend on,
      hardly enuf to get by on. I also have some wild persimmon which are
      just beginning to fruit. We tried growing strawberries in a raised
      bed for several years, but the squirrels, slugs and fire ants got
      them all. We're trying it again in pedestal containers that can be
      footed in water and covered with wire fencing.

      I have prepared the ground for all of my plantings, created special
      areas suitable for their needs, fertilized them with granite sand,
      manure and hay, and am switching to an extensive drip system this
      year, in lieu of banned watering. Is there anyone on the list in this
      general area, who has had any success growing anything in this red
      clay? I am saving what space I have left for the most useful,
      whatever that is. Surely there must be other things to try in the
      Southeast. I have a fig I'm about to plant, and am considering some
      hardy kiwis. Has anyone had any success growing them around tree
      trunks? Thanks for any advice.

      BTW, thanks to PFAF for starting this list. I've been enjoying PFAF
      for a few years and still don't know a single person of like mind.
      Now we can at least communicate.