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1093Re: [pfaf] Newbie Here...hello!

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  • Geir Flatabø
    Jan 18, 2006
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      In Norway the Rubus chamaemorus is growing "everywhere" in acid wet
      bogs, good harvests is made in autumns when flowers have not been
      killed by late frosts. It has som economic value in eastern and Northern
      parts of Scandinavia incl Finland. It is the base of a liquer Lakka, -
      that also is the Finnish name of the fruit.
      Approx 1979 (before internet and the PC) there was an american "girl"
      from Madison Wisconsin, with Norwegian ancestors named Christine Naess
      who was doing germination studies - in Norway on Rubus chamaemorus, - a
      Google search on Christine Næss Rubus makes
      She was a very nice girl, she might still be able to know something
      about cloudberries in the US.
      - There have been some research on cloudberries in Norway to get larger
      berries, and bisexual plants, they are normally monoecious.
      This research has been done at Holt Research station by Kåre Rapp,
      http://matportalen.no/Saker/1060337855.12 - so if you want some of the
      commercial varieties, he might be the right person to contact.
      I guess plants are not too easy to get into the US from Europe, but
      seeds would be easy to send...

      Geir Flatabø

      SE MA Coast, Zone 7 skrev:

      >I am new to this forum. I have found the PFAF website often as I look
      >up plants. I am earnestly looking for a plant: Bakeapple, also known
      >as Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus). I live in USA, and we have these
      >in some places in Maine, but the plant is not worked as a crop here.
      >I am creating a special garden on my property, and I would love to add
      >this plant. I found a source for seeds in Scotland, ut getting them
      >here is a little crazy. I found a source for plants, but they are
      >out, and do not know when they will have them again.
      >I would be so thankful to receive any help at all.
      >Thanks again, and I am glad to e here!
      >Yahoo! Groups Links
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