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  • allmendeperma@web.de
    Dec 27, 2005
      Hi Shirley & everybody!
      Me, too, would be interested more in alternative methods for the protection of new plantigs, but the only thing I´ve experiences with is a fence.
      I´ve heard about human manure - it shell scare deer etc. (and even neighbours and walkers I suppose) and another thing I´ve heard of were tethers, soaked with loam winded around the trunks (but I´m afraid there are not only trunks up to the height where the deers are nibbling - ours do it up to about 120cm). In the 90th I´ve seen a plantation where the trunks where brushed with a mixture of durex and sand because of sheep.

      Back to the fence: People here protect their hedge-plantings with fence with knittings about 10x10cm, the lowest part (up to 50cm hight) 10x5cm. It has to be 180cm high and additional 10-20cm are folded to the outside over the ground to make some digging-protection.
      Only the wire costs 500Euros per Kilometer. Stakes you might get for free if you ask some lokal foresters and cut them yourself out of a forest of young larches (this stakes should last for about 5 years and that should be enough for the hedge to get out of the critical age).
      Stakes of splitted oak should last much longer, but as the heartwood is essential they`re from big trees and you`ll have to pay for it.

      After building the fence around our garden we planted wild birch-seedlings of 5-100cm height between each two stakes and plaited them each year through the knittings. After 5 years they should be able to carry the wire.

      Greetings from Klaus

      pfaf@yahoogroups.com schrieb am 25.12.05 23:01:37:
      Yesterday, Christmas eve.... we collected 330 bare rooted native trees - a mixture of 60 purple osier, 60 common osier and 20 grey sallow - the osier we hope to make a living fence from and also to create some baskets/willow sculpture and possibly even fuel at some stage; 10 rowan which we will grow as trees; 30 hazel, and 30 each of guelder rose, dog rose, burnet rose, hawthorn, blackthorn from which we want to make a mixed native hedge. I've been looking at buying/obtaining some tree shelters. We live in North East Scotland and the hedging will be fairly exposed. The saplings are all native and locally grown. We have a few visiting sheep (living lawnmowers), not to mention rabbits, hares, deer etc. What is the cheapest way to protect the plantings? All suggestions gratefully received. Do I actually need to protect ALL the trees - looking at one willow site it appears that for the 'fedge' I don't need to provide individual plant protection, other than matting or other form of weed prevention. Look foward to reading your replies. Shirlz xx

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