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1049Re: [pfaf] shredded leaves

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    Dec 23, 2005
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      ...sorry that should have read "if it can't be helped." I love slugs really! Gorgious wee brown bods like Tings back was! ...Ting was my dogfriend....you'd be amazed at how stuff gets into the reality like and screws up the krisja's garden possibility...thats life mate thats reatity for you, even rejoicing in it...anyway seemed scary all you monsters!
      JAH LOVE!

      allmendeperma@... wrote:

      pfaf@yahoogroups.com schrieb am 23.12.05 14:14:10:
      "...   Really a mulch should not take nutrient from what's there already, but it can't be helped ..."

      Well, I have another book here from Burkhard Kayser "Mulch und Untersaaten" from 1998 that says on page 55 (attempt of translation):"At the beginning of a mulch-system there can be under circumstances a temporary fixation of nitrogen from the soil. This N is used by the microorganisms to built down materials with much more carbon than N (e.g. straw, sawdust). This N is available to the plants later on, so it isn´t lost. To solve the temporary problem there are the following possibilities...."

      For more Information about the book. www.mulchinfo.de

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