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1046Re: [pfaf] shredded leaves

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  • allmendeperma@web.de
    Dec 23, 2005
      pfaf@yahoogroups.com schrieb am 23.12.05 14:14:10:
      "... Really a mulch should not take nutrient from what's there already, but it can't be helped ..."

      Well, I have another book here from Burkhard Kayser "Mulch und Untersaaten" from 1998 that says on page 55 (attempt of translation):"At the beginning of a mulch-system there can be under circumstances a temporary fixation of nitrogen from the soil. This N is used by the microorganisms to built down materials with much more carbon than N (e.g. straw, sawdust). This N is available to the plants later on, so it isn´t lost. To solve the temporary problem there are the following possibilities...."

      For more Information about the book. www.mulchinfo.de

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