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  • Griselda
    Dec 23, 2005
      Re: [pfaf] shredded leaves Slugs....night-time beasties....can be found and picked up after dusk and carried elsewhere if you don’t want to kill them, or frogs from a pond can have a go at them, as can a few chickens wandering round as the evening arrives. But it depends on what scale you are talking about, and how squeamish you are I suppose. I take my slugs outside to the roadway and leave them on some old leaves or grass. They have a bit of journey to find their way back. I do the same with snails too.

      ..one serious problem in the UK with mulching can be slugs...especially so in vegetable growing mulched senarios's...more specifically sheet mulching, I haven't really found a way around this because I refuse to kill them...they hide under the sheeting...not really a preoblem though with well established plants. I muclhed a veg area with old canvas tarpaulin last season...this suppressed weeds very well, and the soil looked good underneath, I cut holes to plant stuff into, but the slugs were immediately there, the magic I was on about last year...its a cresent moon goddess magic invocation garden somehow was working in reverese (attack the space rather than protection) ...so I just had to do what was possible and let it go.
      Its a big and serious question mulching and compost because this is central to any garden work...you need a good supply of compost to plant stuff into and you need to add fertility to a garden...or at least set up to be self supporting ideally.

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