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    Dec 23, 2005
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      "I found a huge local council related leaf pile....lovely leafmold totally ideal for compost and potting., a year on its now cooled and riddled with couch grass."
      This pile was adjacant to a large allotment site, and the amazing thing was that it appeared that I was the only person to be skanking leafmold from this plie. (I asked the council contactors first)....perhaps this was because in order to access the pile one has to perform a 'abnormal behavour' type move of temporalily proping up the botton wire of a electric fence installed to stop deer, and ducking under this to bring sacks out.....This is England remember :~

      Now <cromlech108@...> wrote:
      ....you don't need to waste energy shredding the leaves  - the wild creators do that....yes this layer will kinda suppress growth underneath...but that's what you want isn't it?......if you want leafmold the leaves must be broken down in a pile in the usual way...takes long time for leaves by the way...two years they say. I found a huge local council related leaf pile....lovely leafmold totally ideal for compost and potting., a year on its now cooled and riddled with couch grass.
      I think this method would be better than the often advised mulch of scrap straw...unless that is, you are keen to see a new and super-vigorus strain of winter wheat introduced into your design anyway.
      Really a mulch should not take nutrient from what's there already, but it can't be helped if your putting down a mulch many times be it old cloths, cardboard or leaves...the soil should be able to handle this, or will do when it improves. Here in this garden in kent there is clay mostly of a very poor nutrient and humus level nature....but piling on various inprovers soon dramatically changes things...wood ash from Forestry Commision burnings...large amounts at the start of the growth rush at the start of summer, save urine, mix with wood ash in the barrel, again use during the growing season for super results...make sure it's rotted down, your suppost to dilute to taste somewhat....and rotten human shit is of course fantastic...usual to rare to use as a general mulch but excellent for digging in under new plants and on top of freshly planted stuff and a feed for older perenials and trees...its nice when you get this far...the system is then closed....and you are recycling everything...its a good meditation as well as practical thing...potential I think for lots of healing.

      yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

      Oscar Pena <troya_1970@...> wrote:

      Hi All,
      I've placed about 3 to 4 inches of shredded leaves in my garden area as per recommendation from a friend, he told me that they will be  a great fertilizer and also will prevent unwanted weeds to grow. When I see under the leaves they look that they are very dark and decomposing also very wet (we are in the middle of the winter).
      My garden is a new garden and I planted al perennial bulbs last October. Hoping they will grow in spring.
      So my question is
      do you think it will be good for my garden?
      was my friend correct or not?


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