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1040re:shredded leaves

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  • hannahminnea
    Dec 22, 2005
      My friends call me the Mulch Queen, because I go all over the neighborhood collecting
      bags of leaves from my neighbors. Mostly I have to shred them myself with my little

      I am way too lazy to compost, and around here it attracts the most unpleasant critters. I
      have never had a problem with (existing) soil fertility using shredded leaves--they sit on
      top of the soil. Whatever they may be "taking" from the soil is given back many times over
      by virtue of the earthworm castings that I get from the layers of leaves.

      I confess that I am a devotee' of Ruth Stout's method of deep mulching. There's virtually
      no digging in her method--works for me! She does sprinkle a handful of cottonseed meal
      over the mulch depending on what she is growing.

      During the summer I add layers of grass clippings too. Sometimes I just have bins of
      leaves and I get the boys to add a little natural "nitrogen" for me when nobody is looking!!
      Happy Holidays,
      Karen V.
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