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101Re: [pfaf] Search for a Project and Occupation

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  • Richard Morris
    Feb 13, 2002
      Dear Vishal,
      > I am Vishal, 25 years and from india.
      > We are a family with agricultural background.
      > Till now, my father had been taking up traditional
      > crops and had been doing well with them.
      > But now, i would like to look at so many other options
      > that are available.
      > But i m short of ideas..i have been doing some
      > research on the net..but there is plethora of
      > information and nothing seems relevant enough to help
      > me.
      > I m looking for a non traditional crops.
      > it may be Medicinal,Herbs,For cosmetics etc.
      > financially, i cud support a project worth upto 7
      > digits. we have land and a lot is available on lease.
      > It s also in one of th most fertile parts of india
      > with irrigation available.
      > Plz suggest and recommend what i should do.

      We had an interesting message the other day from the Caribbean
      office of the Foreign Office of the british
      gov. A chap there is organizing a conference called
      "Organic diversification" aiming to link producers in the
      West Indies with niche markets in the organic sector in the UK.
      The person organizing it was called Nigel Dickinson
      and can be reached on +44 207 270 2608/2472

      there is certainly a growing market for unusual plant out there
      its just a matter of finding it.

      Good luck


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