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Re: Peters Family in Nebraska

Thank you for your interest in the Peters genealogy..while the Peters name is fairly common, here is what I know about the family that is posted and you
Clay Wharry
Oct 12, 2011

Peters Family in Nebraska

I am a descendant of Peter Peters from Cass County Nebraska. Are there others form this line in this group? I just noticed this group today from Cyndia's List
Cindy & Kirby Drake
Oct 10, 2011

Re: New Source of Information

lol - no problem. I was hoping for a grenade to blast a hole in the wall I ran into w/ the search. ... From: "Clay Wharry" To: "peters
Lisa Cross
May 20, 2010

Re: New Source of Information

It must not have panned out...I dont even remember the stuff now...been awhile I guess. ________________________________ From: ouradoptedmilitaryfamily
Clay Wharry
May 20, 2010

Re: New Source of Information

So, did the new source of info pan out? I hit a wall with my family research. :( Lisa
May 19, 2010

Peters in Illinois ~ mostly in Chicago..

Hi folks! Lisa (Peters) originally from Chicago here. My Peters were there dating back to mid to late 1850's. Anyone else from the area? Our main names are
Apr 21, 2010

Re: Try Searching In This Area......

Have you found some of your roots in the NE area and where if I might ask. Clay
Clay Wharry
Feb 18, 2008

Try Searching In This Area......

Hello, my name is Sarah Peters, I've just joined this group because I too am interested in finding my families' routes. But as I was reading some of the other
Feb 16, 2008

New Source of Information

I have found a new source of information that might prove a bit useful. I will be doing some additional research on this source and hopefully will be able to
Clay Wharry
Oct 23, 2006

Re: Welcome

hi Clay - it's been a while since we've written, although your mom and I have been corresponding some - below is the first response I sent to Andrea's email of
    Oct 16, 2006
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    Re: Welcome

    hi Andrea - I assume that you received my brief response via Yahoo Messenger that it is actually my step-siblings who are a part of the Peters family - Yvonne,
      Oct 16, 2006
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      Re: Welcome

      My brother, Eric, is also in this group. He has information dating back to 1700s. Clay Wharry wrote: Do you have much genealogy
      Frank and Andrea Spiceland
      Oct 16, 2006

      Re: Peters Group Membership

      Hi Clay- I was raised in Blair, Nebraska, but born in Des Moins, Iowa to James Peters, who was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa to Clyde Wellington Peters, who was
      Eric Peters
      Oct 16, 2006

      Re: Welcome

      Do the names George and Maude Peters mean anything to you. Let me know
      Clay Wharry
      Oct 16, 2006

      Re: Welcome

      Do you have much genealogy information on the Peters in NE? I too am searching for this information and wondered if any was similar. Let me know Thanks Clay
      Clay Wharry
      Oct 16, 2006
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