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  • MSMNet@aol.com
    Oct 16, 2006

      hi Clay -

      it's been a while since we've written, although your mom and I have been corresponding some - below is the first response I sent to Andrea's email of this date -

      I will also compose and send a brief bit on what info I have located on the family in Nebraska - and I will copy you on it -

      later -



      Subj: Re: [peters_family] RE: Welcome 
      Date: 10/16/2006 1:49:12 PM Pacific Standard Time
      From: MSMnet

      To: peters_family@yahoogroups.com

      hi Andrea -

      I assume that you received my brief response via Yahoo Messenger that it is actually my step-siblings who are a part of the Peters family -

      Yvonne, Gary and Greg Atkins, my step-sibs, are the children of Bessie Mae Peters, sister to Clay's grandfather Lawrence - so Clay is a first cousin once removed of my step-sibs, although they have never met -

      apparently Clay's mom is the oldest grandchild of George and Maude Peters, George being one of George and Catherine Peters' sons, and Lawrence was George and Maude's second son, born in 1910 - while my step-sibs are about the youngest of George and Maude's grandchildren, their mother Bess being one of George and Maude's youngest, twins born in 1921 -

      not only did Clay's grandfather Lawrence's work cause he and his family to live a number of places away from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and then following the divorce of her parents, Bonnie lived mostly with her mother - my step-sibs were also children of a divorce, and after their dad was dating my mom, their dad brought them to San Diego to finish growing up along with us - and Bonnie was already grown and married long before my step-sibs were grown up -

      I have not been able to locate or document too much about the Peters family, but what I have gathered is available in two ways on Ancestry.com, an unidentified family tree and the Schoemann-Harper McCabe-Johnson Family, and the identified family tree is also available on Rootsweb.com within the Schoemann-Harper McCabe-Johnson family - either way they should come up if you sort on any of the family members that I do have, which includes George and Catherine, George and Maude, and most of George and Maude's children, with a few of their grandchildren -

      if you are interested in gathering info that is not shown to you, for example info about living individuals, please just email me and I will pull a report from my database and email it to you - I would also appreciate learning more info about the rest of the family that you might have -

      as a total side issue, my husband's family is from Fairfield, Iowa, and Milan, Missouri -

      I look forward to our getting to know each other some as we share Peters family info -

      Marilyn McCabe
      Yahoo Messenger ID mjsmccabe

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