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14Re: [peters_family] Re: New Source of Information

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  • Lisa Cross
    May 20 4:36 PM
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      lol  - no problem.  I was hoping for a grenade to blast a hole in the wall I ran into w/ the search.

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      It must not have panned out...I dont even remember the stuff now...been awhile I guess.

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      So, did the new source of info pan out? I hit a wall with my family research. :(


      --- In peters_family@yahoogroups.com, "Clay Wharry" <claywharry@...> wrote:
      > I have found a new source of information that might prove a bit
      > useful. I will be doing some additional research on this source and
      > hopefully will be able to post some new information.
      > I have bene away from the genealogy for a while and wanting to get
      > back into it. Anybody else had any luck finding stuff out?
      > Clay

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