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Another one on the way

It has been a long long time since I last used this list to update you. Of course a lot has changed since the summer of 2007. But those lovely new inventions
Dec 27, 2010

Baby jet lag

Summer has come and nearly gone and Eunmi and I are just now getting some time off. So here we find ourselves again in Korea after about one and half years,
Peter Chowla
Aug 29, 2007

Sleepless nights

It has been a long seven months since I last wrote. Fatherhood has definitely complicated life. First my apologies if you wrote to me back in the fall with
Peter Chowla
Apr 8, 2007

Expanding Family

It was a long and bumpy ride, but on Wednesday morning, 30 August, at 00:14 Eunmi finally gave birth to our healthy baby daughter. I don't have much time in
    Peter Chowla
    Sep 1, 2006
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    Back in Languishing London

    Right back in the middle of "the Big Smoke" is where Eunmi and I have found ourselves, though this year it seems to be the Big Sauna. Nearly 35 degrees, in
      Peter Chowla
      Jul 23, 2006
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      Asian Life and Wedding Redux

      Hi, So I promised to reveal our next destination in this message. I will cut to the chase before I go on. I landed a job back in London, and plan to start work
      Peter Chowla
      Apr 8, 2006

      On the Move

      Well I have been terrible about communicating the last few months. I think it is because it has been so busy and eventful in our lives that communication has
      Peter Chowla
      Mar 26, 2006

      The one that got away

      Happy New Year to all my friends and family out there in Internet land! Let it be said that expectation is the mother of all suffering. My Buddhist philosophy
      Peter Chowla
      Jan 4, 2006

      End of the academic road??

      Well it came and went with less trauma than expected. No 24 hour vigils in front of the computer. No grim-reeper looks from lack of sleep. No head banging
      Peter Chowla
      Sep 14, 2005

      Terror in London; Uncertain future

      Hello friends, This morning's terrorist attacks in London, have jolted me out of my complacency. I had been meaning to write for a long time, but other things
      Peter Chowla
      Jul 7, 2005

      Tired of grey skies

      Despite the weatherpeople's predictions that this winter would be the worst in decades in London, it actually wasn't very cold; but those persistent grey skies
      Peter Chawla
      Mar 15, 2005

      The "12 Days of Peter"

      12 professors a' preachin' 11 discers a' diving 10 weeks a' wasted 9 sales for shopping 8 aimless days 7 severe hours 6 months of mulling 5 GOLDEN TONGUES 4
      Peter Chawla
      Jan 3, 2005

      Meet the Parents, Meet London

      First I will apologize for the nasty SPAM that infiltrated the list. Please delete the last two messages that came through, they are viruses. Someone or some
      Peter Chawla
      Sep 28, 2004

      Dragging my ass across continents

      Hey, So it seems it is time for me to finally drag my ass across continents again and I am already in Korea for a short stay over on route to London. So I
      Peter Chawla
      Sep 6, 2004

      Winding Down the Days in Beijing

      So, My days in Beijing seem to be numbered and Eunmi and I are coming to the end of our stay in the giant country of China. I can't say I'll be too sorry to
      Peter Chawla
      Aug 19, 2004
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