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      Send your letter to stop the cruel killing of crows to promote a bar.
      Tell the mayor how you feel about any town that would allow this.

      Anyone in PETA out there?  HELP!


      I am trying to help keep whatever farm land is left in this country. If
      we all get together and share we stand a better chance. We need to help
      feed this country and be able to share with each other. So join now and
      let your fellow farmers and rescuers, animal sanctuaries

      and true land lovers.
      Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue, Inc.
      A not for profit truly caring rescue/sanctuary in NYS
      join this list to help farm rescues and sanctuaries survive..keep
      American Farming


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      To: SpringFarm CARES <partnershelpinganimalscoalition@yahoogroups.com>
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      Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 08:57:21 -0800 (PST)
      Subject: [partnershelpinganimalscoalition] FW: [Firepaw]: Crow shoot
      scheduled in Auburn-protest letters needed



      We just found out the Auburn Crow shoot is scheduled to take place
      and Sunday February 12 and 13. It will be hosted by the same bar, but it
      now known as J&B's Bar and Grill, not Spinouts, as it is under new
      management. 74 Orchard Street, Auburn, NY, 13021.We may be having a
      meeting the first week of February in Auburn. Time and date will be
      announced later. We need help and we are asking everyone to do the
      1. Email, call or write Auburn mayor Tim Lattimore (24 South Street,
      315-255-4104; mayor@...) and the Cayuga County Tourism
      (151 Genesee Street, Auburn, 315-255-1658). Tell them you have heard on
      radio and tv or read in the newspaper that the City of Auburn might be
      planning a Crow Festival, (The mayor has been saying this, and I have
      inquiries about it.) and that you would like more information about it
      possible crow tours. Be sure to mention that you live outside of Auburn,
      you do, and mention that a crow festival would bring you to Auburn, but
      crow shoot never would. Local people can stress that they also support
      festival. This will help our crow committee enormously in promoting and
      protecting the crows.
      2. Equally important, call DEC Director Gary Barnhardt in Albany and
      him you want to see him put an end to events like the Auburn crow
      Phone calls work best with the DEC. 518-402-8919.
      3. If you would like to write a letter to the local newspapers about
      crow shoot or the crow festival.
      The Citizen, 25 Dill Street, Auburn, NY 13021, 315-253-5311, ext 243;
      citizenletters@..., website: www.auburnpub.com.
      The Post Standard, The Reader's Page, Box 4915, Syracuse, NY 13221,

      Letters@... (Subject: Post Standard Letter); website:
      * Anyone who can help by taking part in a demonstration,  email
      Thank you,
      Rita S
      Auburn, NY

      Robin J. Yager
      Network Partners for Animals
      Spring Farm CARES
      3364 Route 12
      Clinton, NY 13323
      Dear Human,
      Why do you think that you are superior to me?
      Is it because you can "talk"?
      I just speak a different language from yours.
      Please don't mistreat me.
      Your ignorance is not my fault.
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