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  • sweet_lady_19_2000
    Permission To CROSS POST!!!!! Pasco County fair is scheduled to open in February and the fair officials are considering having a rodeo after not including one
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2004
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      Permission To CROSS POST!!!!!

      Pasco County fair is scheduled to open in February and the fair
      officials are considering having a rodeo after not including one for
      many years. As if that's not bad enough, they have hired Charlie
      Lowry, the stock contractor that was caught unquestionably on video
      by a SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness organization
      volunteer investigator) abusing the animals so horribly at the Citrus
      Dodge Tampa Bay Championship Rodeo. One of the abuses witnessed was a
      cowboy using a hand-held electric prod (5,000 plus volts)
      relentlessly on bulls confined in chutes before they were released.
      Please see the letter below from Peggy W. Larson, DVM attesting to
      the abuse witnessed on the video tape.

      Please write a letter to the Pasco County officials letting them know
      that animal abuse is not entertainment and it is not welcome in Pasco
      County. Even if you are not living in Pasco (though that is going to
      have the most pull) a letter letting them know that you do not
      consider that entertainment and you will not attend if they have a
      rodeo this February at the fair. Your letters make a big difference
      and it only takes a few minutes to complete. It doesn't have to be a
      long letter, just one speaking out against this violent and
      horrifying display that should be outlawed.


      Pasco Fair Association Office
      36722 SR 52
      Dade City, FL 33526
      Phone: (352) 567-6678
      Fax: (352) 523-1807
      Email: pascocountyfair@...

      To Whom It May Concern:

      Unfortunately, rodeo season is here. It's hard for anyone with
      brains and heart to not see what's wrong with sharply lassoing a baby
      animal, then body-slamming him to the ground, tying his legs so he
      cannot move. Baby calves feel terror and pain exactly as any other
      vertebrate baby, including humans. Calves are subjected to electric
      prodding and tail twisting to enrage and terrorize them while they
      wait in the chute.

      If the animals can breathe after roping, the babies cry pitifully, as
      you would expect. Injuries include separation of the skull from the
      neck, broken bones, hemorrhaging and death by choking.

      Several cities have passed ordinances that effectively ban rodeos.

      Rodeos teach children domination and cruelty. Is it really worth an
      hour's diversion to contribute to society's brutal side?

      Several 'bull riding' events, recently covered by local and national
      media, are telling the public that, contrary to animal advocates; the
      bulls are "trained" to buck. This is a blatant lie. The bull bucks
      due to a rope or strap cinched tightly near his genitals.

      This device can be clearly and easily seen in every photo or
      broadcast; you will NEVER see a bull or horse buck without this pain-
      producer tied on him. Furthermore, the riders wear spurs, which are
      jabbed sharply into the bull's sides. For what? So phony
      cowardice 'cowboy's can make a buck?

      There is certainly nothing 'brave' about it. Somehow true bravery,
      like saving someone from a burning building, has been confused
      with 'conquering' large animals that were peaceful till they were
      provoked into appearing wild. These cruel relics of the past should
      go the way of child labor and legal slavery. Please say "NO" to
      rodeos and all traveling animal acts.

      I thank you for your time,

      Signed *YOUR NAME*


      October 13, 2004


      I reviewed a video filmed at the Tampa, Florida rodeo. The stock
      contractor is Charlie Lowry from Summerville, Georgia. Evidence of
      animal abuses as seen on the video follows.

      A bucking horse was reluctant to leave the chute and the handler
      jerked the halter and hit the horse's face with his fist. The horse
      reacted to the pain from the blow by jerking its head away from the
      handler and exiting the chute.

      Calf roping. Every calf had its tail twisted and jerked to cause it
      to leave the holding chute at a fast speed. The tail twisted was
      twisted around its body causing the calf to move back and forth in
      the chute to try to get away from the pain. In order to cause the
      maximum amount of pain to the calfs tail, several times the handler
      bent the tail upon itself. This act causes the ligaments between the
      small tailbones to stretch way beyond normal. These abnormally
      stretched ligaments cause the animal a great deal of pain.When the
      tail was bent in this manner, the calf really reacted by bellowing
      and by exaggerated movements back and forth in the holding chute.
      There is no question that these calves were in pain.

      One of the horses was lame on its left front leg. After the calf was
      roped, the horse stood with its weight on three legs. The sore leg
      was wrapped so the owner knew the horse was lame. It should not have
      been used and should have been rested so it could heal.

      One roper kept jerking on the horse's bit. The horse kept jerking its
      head to try to avoid the pain in its mouth. The commissures of the
      lips appeared irritated, probably from constant damage by the bit.

      One calf was choked by the rope around its neck. The horse dragged
      the calf by its neck several feet after the roper tied its legs and
      before it managed to shake the ropes loose. This disqualified the
      roper but instead of letting the calf go, the roper knocked it to the
      ground again. One calf was roped incorrectly when the rope went
      around his body instead of around his neck. Eventually the rope
      slipped and encircled the calfs left hind foot. At that point, the
      roper should have merely let the rope loose and the calf would have
      shaken it off. Instead the calf was thrown to the ground and finally
      the rope was removed.

      The chute handlers used what looked like a long fiberglass pole or
      stick to repeatedly poke at the side of a trapped bull. The bull had
      nowhere to go as it was in the shute awaiting the rider. The only
      reason to do this is to enhamce performance.

      Several bulls were repeatedly shocked by an electric cattle prod.
      These devices deliver 5,000 volts or more. These bulls were trapped
      awaiting riders. They had nowhere to go. Again, the only reason to
      electrically shock trapped bulls is to enhance performance.


      Peggy W. Larson, DVM, MS, JD
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