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Italian antivivisection campaign "Close down Morini"

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  • umazzucchetti
    Dear friends, probably many of you already know the Italian antivivisection campaign Close down Morini - where Morini is a farm which has been selling
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2004
      Dear friends,

      probably many of you already know the Italian antivivisection
      campaign "Close down Morini" - where Morini is a farm which has been
      selling animals to vivisection laboratories (dogs and rodents) for
      more than 30 years. You can find info about the campaign on the
      website: http://www.morinicampaign.tk

      Anyway, we are now here to ask your help for a specific purpose: now
      it's the time to make a STRONG pressure on the Mayor of S. Polo
      d'Enza, the small town where the farm is located. Why? Well, let's
      take a few steps back... two years ago, thanks to the huge protests
      from the public opinion all over Italy, horrified by the use of
      young beagle dogs in the vivisection laboratories, the Emilia
      Romagna Regional Council approved a regional law stating that "cats
      and dogs cannot be sold and used for experiments all over the
      region". This law has caused a lot of problems to the Morini farm,
      because its main income came from selling the dogs, more than
      rodents or any other animal, to the laboratories.

      But the vivisectors pressured the national Italian Government, so
      the judgement of the validity of this law has been submitted to
      the "Constitutional Court". The Court has been examining the case
      for more than one year, during which time fortunately the law has
      been applied, and the farm has not been authorized to sell dogs to
      the vivisectors.

      Few weeks ago came the result of the Court examination: a bad
      result, because they decided that the law is not valid - they said
      that a single
      region cannot decide on this matter.

      But at the moment the farm cannot sell dogs to the laboratories,
      yet, because in order to have the necessary permission renewed, the
      Mayor of the town must give an explicit authorization.

      The former Mayor was absolutely in favour of the Morini farm, but A
      So it's really important to make pressure on him to convince him to
      "reconvert" the farm to another activity.

      The interesting and new event is that a few days ago an "Open
      Meeting" of citiziens and companies operating in S. Polo has been
      They wrote an "open letter" to the Mayor, asking him to stop the
      activity of the farm, both because of its cruelty and because of the
      damage to the "image" of the region and consequently to the business
      opportunities of all the other local companies**.

      At this crucial moment, the Mayor must feel the responsibility for
      such a choice. It's a fundamental moment.

      For this reason, we invite all of your to send him and all the
      regional council members, a "strong and clear" message. Here we
      present a draft
      message, but you are invited to write a personal one!

      During the "Open Meeting", a network of animals shelter has been
      activated, and they are ready to accomodate ALL the animals now kept
      in the farm.

      The complete text of the "open letter" to the Mayor can be found at

      Please, take part in this protest!
      Thank you very much.

      Massimo Tettamanti, Marina Berati


      Draft message

      Dear Mayor of S. Polo d'Enza,
      Dear Regional Councillors,

      having been informed of the creation in S. Polo of an "Open Meeting
      on the Morini case", which asked you not to allow the Morini farm to
      keep selling dogs and cats to the experimentation laboratories, I
      want to express my full support to the goals of the Open Meeting.

      Given that the Morini farm has been given the opportunity to
      be "converted" to a cruelty-free activity (thus ceasing to sell any
      kind of animals to the labs), I think that this is the right way to
      go, and invite you, as a Mayor of the city, to do what is in your
      power to reach this important and humane goal.

      Best regards,
      name, country

      CC to:
      eaimi@...-romagna.it; dalni@...-romagna.it;
      ramato@...-romagna.it; lbabini@...-romagna.it;
      gballarini@...-romagna.it; sbartolini@...-
      romagna.it; mbastico@...-romagna.it;
      nberetta@...-romagna.it; abertelli@...-
      romagna.it; mbignami@...-romagna.it;
      gborghi@...-romagna.it; mbosi@...-romagna.it;
      dcampagnoli@...-romagna.it; gcane@...-
      romagna.it; lcotti@...-romagna.it;
      rdelchiappo@...-romagna.it; gdelrio@...-
      romagna.it; gdragotto@...-romagna.it;
      verrani@...-romagna.it; ffilippi@...-
      romagna.it; lfrancesconi@...-romagna.it;
      rgiacomino@...-romagna.it; lgilli@...-
      romagna.it; agnassi@...-romagna.it;
      dguerra@...-romagna.it; alaforgia@...-
      romagna.it; anleoni@...-romagna.it; vlodi@...-
      romagna.it; malombardi@...-romagna.it;
      florenzi@...-romagna.it; amajani@...-
      romagna.it; mmarri@...-romagna.it;
      lmasella@...-romagna.it; fmatteucci@...-
      romagna.it; umazza@...-romagna.it;
      mmezzetti@...-romagna.it; gmuzzarelli@...-
      romagna.it; anervegna@...-romagna.it;
      mparma@...-romagna.it; gpini@...-romagna.it;
      rridolfi@...-romagna.it; grivi@...-romagna.it;
      bsabbi@...-romagna.it; usalomoni@...-
      romagna.it; gtampieri@...-romagna.it;
      pvtassi@...-romagna.it; gvarani@...-
      romagna.it; lvillani@...-romagna.it;
      pzanca@...-romagna.it; lzanichelli@...-
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