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Dick Cheney Has No Heart

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  • ananovase
    I don t like Colon Bowel either, but I think he is 3rd in line as Secretary of State. Actually, I don t like any of them. Cheney is in a category by
    Message 1 of 433 , Jun 30, 2001
      I don't like Colon Bowel either, but I think he
      is 3rd in line as Secretary of State. Actually, I
      don't like any of them. <br> Cheney is in a category by
      himself. He has a lifelong association with the meat
      industry. He gorges himself on meat. He has a long history
      of heart problems but continues to eat meat. Cheney
      has also been in the forefront of trying to deny
      people medical care. Do I feel any sympathy for him?
      Na.<br>Let's recapitulate.<br><br> The meat industry tortures
      and murders over 8 BILLION animals every year in the
      United States alone. The meat industry uses its economic
      and political power to prevent<br>enforcement of even
      weak laws against cruelty to animals.<br>Most people
      don't know that over 7 billion chickens are killed
      every year and that they have NO legal protection from
      cruelty whatsoever! Cows have some legal protection, but
      the USDA, which is dominated by the likes of Cheney
      and the meat industry, refuses to enforce even the
      weak laws that exist.<br> It gets worse. Farmers are
      forced to pay a "tax" to support advertisements to urge
      people to eat more beef or drink more milk. This would
      be like tobacco farmers being taxed to support
      advertisements urging children to smoke more cigarettes. Cheney
      supports THAT too.<br> It gets even worse. Most of the
      heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis
      (yeah, milk has calcium, but meat causes calcium loss),
      and Alzheimer's could be prevented by a vegan diet.
      Meat also kills, maims and tortures millions of
      humans. <br> And that's not all. All of this costs lost
      of money.<br>Cheney would rather give trillions of
      dollars in tax refunds to rich people than allow these
      millions of sick<br>people to have adequate medical
      care.<br> And that's not all. Cheney eats like a pig. He is
      now sick because of it. This sickness incapacitates
      him from pursuing the politics of Evil.<br> Anyone
      with his history probably won't live long.<br> I ask
      people to sympathize with the animals. There is much
      information posted at
      <a href=http://www.delphi.com/animalfriends1 target=new>http://www.delphi.com/animalfriends1</a><br> There is much detailed information on nutrition
      backing up what I said at
      <a href=http://www.delphi.com/selfimprovemen target=new>http://www.delphi.com/selfimprovemen</a><br> Last night I saw the famous Doctor Ornish on
      television being interviewed by Rose. He pointed out that
      most heart disease and cancer could be prevented by a
      vegan diet.<br>He criticized the recommendations of
      groups like the AMA<br>that people switch from red meat
      to fish and chicken, saying it was too little to do
      much good.<br> He told about how he has done huge,
      well-controlled scientific experiments proving that a radical
      change of diet to a vegan one can even reverse heart
      disease and prostate cancer. He also pointed out that
      eating healthy doesn't cost anything. <br> Some
      conservatives don't believe that alcoholics deserve liver
      transplants or that smokers deserve lung cancer treatment.
      What about Cheney's expensive treatments? Should the
      taxpapayers spend lots of money for
      this?<br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/aanimalfriends target=new>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/aanimalfriends</a><br><a href=http://www.delphi.com/animalrights1 target=new>http://www.delphi.com/animalrights1</a>
    • iimpster
      poor ol angry HF... what would we do without you to feel sorry for. well, since yer a-pretending to want answers YET AGAIN, least i kin doo is a-blige
      Message 433 of 433 , Mar 2, 2002
        poor ol angry HF... what would we do without you
        to feel sorry for.<br><br>well, since yer
        a-pretending to want answers YET AGAIN, least i kin doo is
        a-blige ya.<br>(btw, i dont think that "i" was the one
        had a hard time in "school"... i was reading at age
        3... whats yer excuse? were you even talking yet at
        that age, or still just lusting after yer pappys chaw
        bakky ...i think somebody stole more than your "lunch
        money" ol chum!)<br><br>but afore i indulge in a lil HF
        roasting, (he makes it too easy dont he), let me just say
        how sorry i am that you cant come up with anything
        valid to accuse me of, so you must go inventing funny
        things to be mad at now.<br>with your recent post in
        another club inquiring on gardening techniques, i had
        thought you might be ready to rise above your redneck
        roots, but alas, such is evidently not to
        be.<br><br>anyway, heres just a few of the things i am supposed to
        have said, to demonstrate why HF is really going out
        of his mind.<br><br>HF lie #1 exposed:<br>"imp
        travels the world in his bus".<br>(truth: imp only
        traveled the mid-west to eastern continental US in his
        bus, in actuality the only time i've been off the NA
        continent was a brief sojourn in Ecuador as a child.... btw
        HF, busses dont float so dont get yer hopes
        up)<br><br>HF lie #2 exposed:<br>"the ideal that he has save
        the world from polution with his peace of junk bus
        that suposed to have built it with his two
        hands..."<br>(truth: bus was found in a scrapyard and "restored" with
        hard work and used parts, not "by two hands"...
        traveled occasionaly around... never even HINTED that
        saving the world from pollution" was part of the deal...
        just a wee diff there)<br><br>HF lie #3
        exposed:<br>"after we show him how he cause more polution with the
        hunk of junk in one mile that it will take a new bus
        100miles"<br>(truth: HF shows nothing but his lack of mathmatical and
        comprehension skills)<br><br>hmm, i could go through the rest
        of his sad post, revealing inconsistencies and
        fallacies left and right, but it wouldnt change
        anything....<br>he will be the same rabid arrogant hick that he
        "allus" was.<br><br>but this reply wouldnt be complete
        without addressing what is arguable his greatest fear...
        my "wholey" religious texts.<br><br>HF lie
        #4:<br>"with the little we knew we shot wholes all through his
        so call bible..."<br>(truth: HF refuses to read
        anything on the subject, or go further into my EXTENSIVE
        online archives on the subject (
        <a href=http://pub28.bravenet.com/forum/show.php?usernum=2394677276 target=new>http://pub28.bravenet.com/forum/show.php?usernum=2394677276</a> )<br>beyond his little "YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!"
        post to be seen there.<br><br>poor ol HF...<br>if he
        didnt actualy exist, we AR's would have had to invent
        him...<br>he does most of our work for us!<br><br>...
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