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Doostang clarification

Dear esteemed colleagues, friends, family, and other contacts, I am writing to pardon the mass invitation to Doostang that I sent earlier today. I understand
judith schutter
Oct 11, 2007

Re: Ciau

Hello David, This is Lauren. I am sorry to hear that your mother is sick. I hope that you have a safe trip back and that all goes well with her. I will keep
Lauren Brereton
Jul 26, 2007

Re: Ciau

Estimado David Ojala todo con tu mama salga bien y todo sea para mejor. Sin duda el tenerte a su lado ayudara a pasar muchos de los dificiles momentos que
Patricia Luna Del Pozo
Jul 25, 2007


Peru 8 As some of you know, I am leaving shortly for the states. My mother has a tumor that they say is cancerous and I will be going back to be with her.
David Moore
Jul 24, 2007

Fwd: Exercise for the Brain

How well will you do? David ____________________________________________________________________________________ 8:00? 8:25? 8:40? Find a flick in no time with
    David Moore
    Mar 14, 2007
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    Fwd: [Fwd:vusd FW: I Care!!]

    Note: forwarded message attached. David ____________________________________________________________________________________ No need to miss a message. Get
      David Moore
      Mar 6, 2007
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      Re: Marathon

      Mike, Talk to Bryan. Jeanne from Peru 6 is also a hard-core marathoner (there are actually a bunch of girls in Peru 6), but it would be easier for Bryan to
      judith schutter
      Feb 25, 2007


      Hey, Does anyone know stuff about running marathons? I heard there was a marathon usually in September in Lima and since I´ve been running lately I am
      Feb 25, 2007

      short quotes

      Came across these quotes to share with whomever... "The total wealth of the world´s top 358 ´global billionaires´ equals the combined incomes of 2.3 billion
      Feb 13, 2007

      Re: whats up

      Hey all, I just remembered Kate was excited about doing projects that involve keeping the house sanitary. I've actually got some materials here at the EPA in
      judith schutter
      Feb 6, 2007

      whats up

      Hey guys --- THanks to Judith and Pati and Aaron and Ashley and Patricio casado and Angela for their birthday wishes. LIbby and I were talking and think it
      kate martin
      Feb 6, 2007

      Re: hola

      dude, that "random dog" is the love of my life, so back off! but seriously, how the hell are ya? life here is lookin up a bit, we finally got some snow (in
      Stephan Morris
      Jan 30, 2007

      Re: Tumbes cumpleanos

      FELIZ CUMPLEAAAAAAAAAÑOS KATE!!! A big hug from Iquitos!!! I miss U guys! Patty judith schutter escribió: Hey guys, Here's a
      Patricia Luna Del Pozo
      Jan 22, 2007

      Tumbes cumpleanos

      Hey guys, Here's a shout out to Tumbes Kate. It's her birthday! Make she rock out in Tumbes, hopefully without fresh goat for dinner. Take care & enjoy Peru.
      judith schutter
      Jan 22, 2007


      hey steve, got your postcard with the pic of you and random dog. also saw those fotitos of your jackson hole trip. i´m damn jealous but i´m doin great here
      Mike Bankoff
      Jan 20, 2007
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