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OMFG, the Tsumi drama CD.

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  • kriswolfe
    Despite priya s obsession with it, I hadn t actually listened to this CD or the songs/drama tracks on it until yesterday. I ve been too busy. So I finally
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002
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      Despite priya's obsession with it, I hadn't actually listened to this
      CD or the songs/drama tracks on it until yesterday. I've been too
      busy. So I finally stuck it in my CD player and took it to school
      with me so I'd listen to it.

      So I'm sitting in the student union trying to do my homework and
      listening to it... the track where Igor asks Nanashi about the
      summons made me smile. The track about people's underpants made me
      smile much more broadly. The songs... Gas Chamber's "Luv Beam" is
      weird, but after listening to it a few times I find it growing on me
      somehow, despite the fact that eikichi's seiyuu isn't the world's
      best singer. Other songs like "Open Your Heart" are really good too.
      China Luv also. (Actually most of the songs.) So I was really getting
      into the music.

      Then the track where Tatsuya's seiyuu Koyasu talks with Police Dog
      Bobby Kun came on, and I listened to it with a puzzled expression...
      until they started singing the Persona Ondo together a capella. I
      absolutely lost it. I was sitting there laughing my head off in
      public. I mean... it's SO FUCKING FUNNY. There's NO way to understand
      this without listening to it. Koyasu and the guy doing the bad dog
      impression were both giggling while they were singing and you could
      just HEAR them smiling. This track MUST BE HEARD. It just breaks the
      brain to actually think of Tatsuya doing this. (And it breaks the
      brain in an entirely different way if you think about Koyasu doing
      it, especially if you think of other anime roles he's played.)

      Anyone who's been thinking they might not want to get "Errors of
      their Youth" because it's in Japanese, forget about that. If you're a
      Persona fan you WANT THIS CD. It's funny regardless of whether or not
      you can fully understand it. The drama tracks are amusing even if
      you've just got a description of what's happening, and the songs are
      really quite good (especially compared to the stuff on the OSTs,
      which isn't bad but also isn't outstanding). If you only get one
      Persona-related CD or piece of merchandise, EVER, it should be this
      CD (or the World Guidance book, I guess, if we're talking all

      anyone who needs lyrics, ordering info, ect., we'll be putting them
      all up for public consumption soon on our persona webpage (which is
      slowly getting made...). ^_^

      In the meantime I'll say that animenation.com doesn't have this CD,
      but cdjapan.co.jp does, if you want it. If you put in "persona" I
      think it's the first thing that pops up. (They don't label it a drama
      CD, and they call it by a Japanese name instead of "Errors of their
      youth" but the cover is the one with smily Tatsuya and Jun-kun on the
      cover, and it has the english title on it.)

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