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How To Win $1,000,000

Last Monday, March 5, 2007, CNBC launched the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. You can enter at: http://contests.cnbc.com/milliondollar/main.do The idea is
Ira Krakow
Mar 9, 2007

Dealing With Stock Market Corrections: Ten Do's and Don'ts

A correction is a beautiful thing, simply the flip side of a rally, big or small. Theoretically, even technically I'm told, corrections adjust equity prices to
Steve S
Mar 8, 2007

Re: "Interest Only" mortgages are a rip off (jurbanos@bestratefundi

(From: "Jacob Urbanos" ) If you don't know how these loan programs work then you may want to keep your opinions to your self.
Ira Krakow
Aug 5, 2006

Re: Looking for Options

You might try obtaining a loan from your 401K to cover the down payment on your new home, then refi and pay it back a couple of years later - that's what I did
Tony Babb
Jul 18, 2006

Looking for Options

I am looking for ideas and options for financing a new home. I am relocating with a new job and I plan on renting my current home to my daughter that will
Jul 17, 2006

Persfin has been "moved"

Persfin has "moved" to the following address: http://www.irakrakow.com/blogcritic/category/personal-finance/ I guess one could call this an "acquisition".
Ira Krakow
Apr 7, 2006

Tax advantage of I-Bonds

Two other things 1) Interest on I-Bonds is taxable BUT you don't pay interest on the bonds until you sell. I-Bonds are 30 year bonds, so that effectively
Ira Krakow
Feb 15, 2006

I-Bonds Now Earn 6.73%

I just came across this. The Treasury's I-Bonds, which pay interest based on the current rate of inflation plus 1%, now pay 6.73% for funds deposited from now
Ira Krakow
Feb 15, 2006

Re: Persfin Blog

Hi Gary, ... It's supposed to be more like an online diary. Like a Web site, it's instant publishing. In fact, you see traditional journalists and
Ira Krakow
Jan 31, 2006


Neat! -- David Smith / david@...
David Smith
Jan 31, 2006

Re: Persfin Blog

What's a blog? It seems to be a new word in our language for something that has existed for a long time. Is there some subtle difference between a "blog" and
Gary Lotto
Jan 31, 2006

Re: Need a suggestion for a discount broker

... Is there a reason you don't just make the account a margin account? That would seem to be the easiest way to fix the problem. -- ... Rich Carreiro
Rich Carreiro
Jan 31, 2006

Persfin blog

I just created a persfin blog. Go to: http://persfin.blogspot.com/ You can post comments there, just as you can do here. I see the blog as another way to
Ira Krakow
Jan 30, 2006

Need a suggestion for a discount broker

Two of my brokerage firms have been acquired by eTrade, which has a policy that --for a Cash Account -- your orders cannot exceed the cash balance in your
Jan 30, 2006

Easy way to lower your credit card interest rate

I saw on C-Span a call-in with Edward Mierzinski, a former bank examiner who has written extensively on the tricks banks play with credit cards. He has a Web
Ira Krakow
Jan 7, 2006
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